SIX Interbank Clearing Ltd ("SIX") provides a free validation portal ("VaPo") for the benefit of the Swiss financial center. The VaPo portal was selected based on a market analysis of several comparable providers. SIX is not the provider of the VaPo portal and does not make any profit from it. The task of the VaPo portal is to validate the uploaded payloads/images to evaluate if they are constructed in compliance with the "Implementation Guidelines for the QR-bill”. However, due to variously implemented tolerance levels in the validation of the QR-bill in the Swiss financial environment, there is no guarantee that the processing of the QR-bills will necessarily function smoothly at every financial institution, even after a successful confirmation by the VaPo portal. Additionally, SIX assumes no responsibility for the VaPo portal and the smooth processing of QR-bills by the financial institutions. SIX provides no specific guidance about this subject, nor does it provide any oversight functions. The responsibility for the correct implementation of the "Implementation Guidelines for the QR-bill” lies entirely with the invoice issuer and software provider. To ensure that the QR-bill can be properly processed by financial institutions, it must be verified in conjunction with the relevant financial institutions. SIX reserves the right to update or remove the VaPo portal at any time.